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Community Security

Birchwood at Spring Lake is protected by 24/7/365 security. Services are provided by Maximum Security.
At the front entrance, guests are greeted by a security guard who will verify and log the identification of the individual and vehicle entering the property, confirming access is permitted by the resident or homeowner.
Maximum Security is backed by 125 years of law enforcement experience, we are one of the best Long Island security companies. We deploy 350+ guards for businesses and HOA communities, as well as serving other industries. Contact us to learn about our custom security services for your individual or business needs. 
  • IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING! If you observe something suspicious, call 911! Always call 911 first and then notify the guard booth if you are able. Do not delay making the call to 911 and try to give a good description of suspicious persons including height, weight, clothing, car type and color including license plate if observed etc. Remember that the call has to be made to 911, not the precinct. Also, people sometimes feel that they do not want to tie up the “emergency” line with a suspicious person call. While that is a considerate thought, many times a call regarding a suspicious person can either prevent or solve a crime. The person you observe walking down the street trying a door handle at 3:00AM could have committed numerous other crimes or they might be about to. Make the call!!! Being observant is not being “nosey”, it means being a good neighbor. If you observe someone lurking near cars, trying door handles, going behind different units or anything else out of the ordinary, please call 911 and report it as suspicious behavior. If the Police respond and there is a legitimate reason for the person or persons to be doing what they are doing, you will not be in trouble. You have to think of it as being a good, observant neighbor who is looking out for the good of the community.
  • Take the basic precautions to protect your property. These include; locking your car doors and keeping valuables out of plain view. Theft from vehicles is widespread throughout all communities. This type of crime is commonly referred to as a “crime of opportunity”. DO NOT GIVE CRIMINALS THE OPPORTUNITY!!! Something as simple as locking your car doors can be effective at deterring these crimes, as most times a criminal does not want to make noise breaking a car window (as long as there is not something of high value in plain view as mentioned). Also, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CARS’ KEY FOB IN THE VEHICLE!!!
  • These tips may seem like “common sense” and are in no way meant to insult anyone’s intelligence. However, it is human nature to sometimes become complacent and hearing helpful reminders often reinforce good habits that will enhance security for everyone. If criminals do not find open car doors and items of value to steal, they will move on to easier targets in other areas. Even if you have no valuables in your vehicle it is always a good idea to lock it. That will develop “muscle memory”, meaning it will become “second nature” or a habit. There may be personal papers with sensitive information in your vehicle that a criminal could use for some kind of identity theft type crime.
  • Invest in some security products. A good security program consists of “layers” of security. That means if we start out taking the basic precautions and add some other items we can enhance security. For example: you already live in a gated community that provides a layer of security, now add onto that taking the basic precautions as described above. Adding onto that could be things such as a home or car alarm, lights on timers both inside and outside to give the home a “lived in’ appearance and illuminating the exterior sufficiently. A “ring” type doorbell or other security camera is a cost effective security item that provides a good view of your property even when you are away. These few ideas discussed can provide enhanced security and give all residents piece of mind knowing that you live in a community that is safe!!! Everyone is continuing to work together to keep making it even safer!!!
Click the flyer below to watch a video from the Suffolk County Police Department.